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A LIVE online Data Engineering course where you will learn Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Data Processing, Big Data & Hadoop, Advanced SQL, Data Visualization & many more from top professionals and get endorsed by them

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Get Ready for a New Job in Data Engineering

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New Data Engineering Career

Meet the Instructors

We have handpicked the best Data Engineering Professionals to deliver the program

- Karthik Ramesh

Senior Data Engineer
Itoc | Westpac | Facebook | Barclays
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

- Shashank Mishra

Data Engineer
Amazon | McKinsey | Paytm

- Anurag Singh

Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Kimberly Clark | DIAGEO India | AB InBev
IIM Lucknow

- Gururajan Govindan

Data Scientist
OneMagnify | Great Learning | IBM

- Abhinav Khandelwal

CD Lead
Optus | Teradata | Mahindra Satyam

- Harish Chander Ramesh

Data Engineering Manager
Alshaya Group | BlueJeans by Verizon |
Amazon | NTT Data Services

- Abhishek Kabra

Senior Data Engineer
Walmart | Lifesight | Microsoft

- Ashutosh Ranjan

Data Analyst
Comscore | Accenture

What you will learn in this online Data Engineering course?

Introduction to Data Engineering With Python
Week 1
Learning Outcome- Understand the core concepts, processes, and tools to get a foundational knowledge of data engineering- Sharpen your Python skills - the language of choice for data engineering- Executing ETL process on a fundamental level
Live Class 1: Introduction to Data Engineering- Modern data ecosystem and its key entities- What data engineering is and the key tasks in a data engineering lifecycle- The responsibilities and skills of a data engineer
Live Class 2: Intro to Python for Data Engineering Operations- Brushup Python programming basics including data structures, logic, working with files and invoking APIs- Working on Jupyter Notebook- Performing data operations using Python
Project 1: Building an ETL Pipeline in Python- Implement data collection, web-scraping and use APIs to extract data in Python - Extract, transform and load data using Jupyter notebook
Data Processing in Shell & Advance SQL
Week 2
Learning Outcome- Work on Unix command line for data operations- Use command line to run programs and automate tasks- Understand database and relationship with fundamentals of SQL and working with data analysis
Live Class 1: Shell Scripting & Data Processing- A hands-on introduction to the key elements of shell scripting- Learn simple, powerful, and data-specific command-line skills
Live Class 2: Advanced SQL Programming- Use common query tools and work with SQL commands to filter, sort, & summarize data- Create an analysis table from multiple queries using the UNION operator
Project 1: Data Analysis with SQL- Use SQL to effectively write queries, creatively analyze and explore data - Create an end-to-end pipeline that reads data, transforms data, and saves the result
Database Design & Modeling
Week 3
Learning Outcome- Develop a foundational understanding of the databases & their working- Learn about common database types, data schemas, and designing data models- Relational and Non- Relational Database management systems i.e MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Apache Cassandra
Live Class 1: Introduction to Databases- Get familiar to different databases types & schema- Selecting databases as per specific requirement
Live Class 2: Relational & Non- relational Databases- Apply data modeling from application specific queries- Identify type of database to implement based on business requirements- Use of data modelling techniques to optimize query processing
Live Class 3: Dimensional Modelling- Designing database based on the star schema for data analysis- What denormalization is and its use in analytics
Project 1: Hands-on Apache Cassandra- Get started with Apache Cassandra- Creating and optimizing a database and ETL pipeline
Data Warehousing & AWS
Week 4
Learning Outcome- Learn about the fundamental architecture and components of data warehouse and data mart- Understand the process of data extraction, transformation, and loading- Working on AWS cloud and AWS Redshift for data engineering project
Live Class 1: Data Warehousing & ETL Process- Develop Understanding of Data Warehouse - Performing ETL Operations in Production
Live Class 2: Introduction to the Cloud with AWS- Working with the cloud & navigating the AWS management console- Understand AWS security measures, storage, and database options
Live Class 3: Data Warehousing With AWS Redshift- Deploying data warehouse on Amazon Redshift- Multiple Data Importing Techniques in Redshift
Project 1: Data Warehouse Development- Real World Use Cases Of Redshift- Integration With Analytics Tools- Security Implementation In Redshift
Intro to Azure & Data Lakes
Week 5
Learning Outcome- Learn the implementation, management, and development of data processing, monitoring, and optimization solutions using the various Azure services- Ingest and organize data into the Data Lake- Optimize performance and costs when consuming the data at scale
Live Class 1: Introduction to Azure services for Data Engineering- Azure cloud for data engineering operations- Navigate Azure Cloud Platform- Understand Data Storage Services in Azure Storage
Live Class 2: Data Solutions using Azure services- Identify Data Engineering Processes- Understand Data Storage & Services In Azure Storage
Live Class 3: Working with Data Lake- Data Lifecycle and Architecture around Data Lake- Different tools and scenarios to ingest data in to Data Lake
Project 1: Building Azure Data Lake solution- Implementing business logic and security in the Data Lake solution- Use Azure Databricks and HDInsight to process data in ADLS- Monitor the performance of Data lake
Ecosystem of Big Data & Hadoop
Week 6
Learning Outcome- Understand the Big Data, Learn the key difference between Big Data and data science- Master the usage of Big Data for operational analysis with HDFS & MapReduce- Perform data operations using Apache Hive and HBase
Live Class 1: Bigdata & Working with Hadoop- Creating dataset, performing query operations with Bigdata- Understand working with Hadoop storage & resource management- Write MapReduce code to analyzing datasets in parallel across multiple machines
Live Class 2: Intro to Apache Hive and HBase- Understanding Hive concepts, Data types, loading and querying data in Hive, - Running hive scripts and Hive UDF,- Acquire in depth knowledge of Apache HBase, HBase Architecture, HBase running modes and its components
Project 1: Hands-on Hadoop Based Solution- Learn to navigate the Hadoop ecosystem - Understand how to optimize its use - Understand the Hadoop architecture & solve problems using wordcount
Automation and Data Pipelines
Week 7
Learning Outcome- Defining and orchestrating components to create an automated data pipeline- Implementing quality control measures in your data pipelines- Best practices for data pipelines development with Airflow
Live Class 1: Data Pipeline Fundamentals- Learn the usefulness of data pipelines - Work with data pipelines in production - Learn to ingest data, perform cleaning and transforming data
Live Class 2: Data pipelines with Apache Airflow- Get started with Airflow- Learn about the Components of Apache Airflow- Implementing Airflow DAGs using operators, tasks, and scheduling
Project 1: Automatic Data Pipeline Development- Utilize the core concept learned to gather data from several different data sources- Transform, combine, and summarize the data- Building a successful, scalable, elastic, and distributed pipeline using a lean approach
Data Processing and Batch processing
Week 8
Learning Outcome- Building Batch Data Processing Solutions in Microsoft Azure- Understand Apache Spark and learn how to develop Spark applications- Work with Spark RDDs – Transformation, Action, Load
Live Class 1: Data Processing & Batch Processing- Implement scalable, performant, and accurate data processing - Learn to run batch processing jobs in Azure SQL Data Warehouse- Discover HDInsight enabled cloud-hosted Hadoop clusters
Live Class 2: Hybrid Processing: Apache Spark- Learn the basics of Apache Spark- Transform data using Spark SQL and DataFrames- Create dynamic visualizations from real-time analytics on merged streaming and historical data
Project 1: End to End Data Processing Solution for Retail Sector- Implementing data processing solution- Understand big data storage & query with Spark - Connecting to Kinesis as a streaming data source- Using the DataFrame API to transform streaming data
Real Time-Stream Data Processing
Week 9
Learning Outcome- Work on Spark streaming to build scalable fault-tolerant streaming application- Master various Kafka components- consumer, producer, and brokers- Handling real time data feeds through Apache Kafka
Live Class 1: Stream Processing: Spark Streaming- Introduction to streaming data and Integrate spark streaming- Use data sources to process massive streams of real-time data - Implementing Spark 2's structured and streaming APIs
Live Class 2: Apache Kafka- Develop in-depth Kafka theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills - Designing, developing, and testing real-time stream processing applications - Using Kafka streams library and Kafka Producer APIs
Project 1: Real Time Stream Solution for Financial Industry- Design pipelines to process real-time streams - Maintain stateful data across a continuous stream for performing- Analytics operations using Apache Kafka
Data Visualization and Governance
Week 10
Learning Outcome- Interpret data plots and understand core data visualization concepts such as correlation, linear relationships, and log scales- Understand data lineage & the value of telling the data story
Live Class 1: Data Visualization for Data Engineers- Understanding to create and design visual solutions- Dashboards for analysing data assess the quality of the data- Perform exploratory analysis
Live Class 2: Data Quality and Governance- Get a definitive understanding of key data quality aspects- Monitoring, managing, and improving data quality- Implementing data governance and data lineage across the organizational data
Project 1: Enterprise Data Governance- Hands-on experience of creating visualization at different steps of data engineering operations- Understanding real-world scenario for data governance and overall management
Deep focus on soft skills and interview prep
Learning OutcomeAlong with domain expertise, our experts will guide you through critical skills to make you an all-rounded professional through interactive sessions on
Communicate & Collaborate
Presentation & Story telling, Stakeholder Management & Negotiation tactics
Emotional Well Being
Emotional Intelligence at Work, Handling Stress, Anxiety and Burnout & Emotional Self-care
Think & Solve
Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills
Execution Skills
Project & Time Management, Organisational skills & Social Media presence
Interview Preparation
Resume Prep, Mock Interviews, GD Tips and Strategy

Learn key Data Engineering tools

Why is AntWak the right choice for you?

Offline Training Institutes
Online Edtech Companies
Powered by Real Professionals from Top Brands
Primarily driven by Academicians
Driven by Academicians or tie-ups with institutes with few industry lecturers
All classes designed & delivered by real professionals suited for each competency
Extensive Live Classes
In-class program with no proper learning tech
Learning mainly self-paced with low interactions
100+ hours of Live, Immersive classes
Deep-focus on holistic development to crack your dream interview
Mostly not available
1-2 sessions of CV prep & mock interviews
20+ hours of support on Soft skills, CV prep & mock interviews
Recognition beyond certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate + Skill based Rating by Senior Professionals - embed into your CV
Best Price for Value
₹75,000 + GST = ₹88,000
₹1,20,000 + GST = ₹1,40,000
99,999 69,999 including GST
Program Fee: 99,999  ₹69,999/- including GST
AntWak offers payment options with flexible ZERO interest EMI plans starting at 6,200/- per month

Experience first hand the power of Antwak promise

Get a glimpse of experiential learning from these expert videos

Significance of data profiling in any data warehousing project
Abasesha Patra
Siemens Healthineers | Genpact
Steps involved in the maintenance of Data pipelines
Matteo Fiore
Inspera AS
Different steps to execute a Big Data real-time data streaming project
Karthik Ramesh
Itoc | Facebook I Barclays
Understand how serverless computing resembles cloud computing
Abhisheak Gupta

Antwak provides holistic career services and support

Career Coach
In-depth help on CV review, Linkedin readiness and interview prep
Experienced Mentors
1-1 mentorship & Live sessions with mentors who have traversed similar journeys
Industry Introductions
Personalized intros & referrals to our community of mentors & hiring partners


Who is this Data Engineering course for?
This course is suitable for
1. IT professionals looking for a career in Data Engineering
2. Database administrators looking for career transition into Data Engineering
3. Data analyst and BI Developers with programming exprience
4. Beginners in the data engineering domain
5. UG/PG students with programming knowledge
Will I be able to complete this program alongside my full time job?
Yes. The program is designed keeping in mind rigorous schedule of both student and mentors. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends (1 class of 2 hour on Saturday and 2 classes of 2 hour each on Sunday). However, students will be given assignment and pre-reads which they suppose to cover over the weekdays so that they can make most of industry experts time on weekend.
Overall time commitment of 14-16 hours/week will suffice. Also, community events such as AMA, fireside chat and guest speakers will happen in the evenings on a regular basis. You get to pick what you want to attend.
How much will the course cost overall?
The course will cost Rs. 69,999 inclusive of GST.
Is there EMI option available?
Yes, there are 6 month and 9 month EMI options available at zero interest cost.
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16 Weeks
Taught by Industry leaders
100+ hrs of Live classes
Limited seats
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