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A LIVE Digital Marketing online course where you will learn Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Market Research & many more from top professionals and get endorsed by them

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Get Ready for a New Job in Digital Marketing

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Meet the Instructors

We have handpicked the best Digital Marketing professionals to deliver the program

- Ishan Gupta

Program Manager
Google | Tesco | Mu Sigma | Infosys

- Dipashree Das

Senior Marketer, Global OTT Content Platform
Ex- Singtel I Ex -NDTV | Ex-Unilever

- Charit Anchan

Digital Marketing Manager
Amazon Prime Video |
Eureka Supplements I IFB Industries

- Jasrita Dhir

Head - Marketing & Communications
Antara Senior Living - a Max group company |
Fortis Healthcare | Max Healthcare

- Aditya Mujumdar

Digital Marketing Specialist
Domino's | Zee Entertainment I Food Panda

- Venkat Thangi

Head of Digital Marketing
MoEngage | I UrbanClap
IIT Kharagpur

- Ada Mircea

Head of Digital Marketing
Romandie Network SA | Google | GroupM

- Namrata Kalia

Digital Transformation Consultant
Women in Seafood Industry | Google | EXL

- Fabian Gehring

Digital Brand Marketing Manager
Bosch USA | Daimler AG

- Susovan Ray

Digital Marketing Advisor
AB InBev India | Puma | Lava | PwC

- Dheeraj Thukral

Head of Strategic Marketing
Edu91 I I The Brand Bee

What you will learn in this Digital Marketing course?

Fundamentals to Marketing
Week 1 - 2
Learning OutcomeThe individual will know about the fundamentals of marketing, 4P's and 4C's & how to choose digital consumers along with different metrics and channels. They will get a demo on tools like: Hubspot, Google Analytics and many more.
Live Class 1: Introduction of Marketing- Overview of the basic marketing fundamentals (4P's and 4C's)- Understanding of various domains and factors that drive Marketing
Live Class 2: Basics of Digital Marketing Channels and Metrics- Understanding digital consumers and their needs- Mastering different marketing metrics and channels
Project 1: Analyze Marketing Mix (4P's)You will perform 4P Marketing Mix Analysis (products, place, promotion & price) to reach target customers for B2C environment
Market Research
Week 1 - 3
Learning OutcomeYou will learn about market research and it's type (primary & secondary, qualitative & quantitative). You will learn how to collect data and run some real-time surveys using interesting tools like Survey Monkey
Live Class 1: Basics about Market Research- Introduction of market research- Understanding different techniques of data collection and surveys
Live Class 2: Tools & techniques around Market ResearchYou will master Market research tools & techniques all along the decision journey
Project 1: Perform Marketing Research The individuals will perform Exploratory and Descriptive Research for a hypothetical global FMCG company to increase market share
Content Marketing
Week 3 - 4
Learning OutcomeYou will get a clear understanding on how to create a content marketing strategy and then execute, analyze and enhance it. You will get to know how to select the right type of channel for the business. You will also get hands on experience on tools like: Canva, Hootsuite and many more
Live Class 1: Deep-dive into Content marketing strategy along with tools and case-study discussionLearn how to design a comprehensive content marketing strategy across different sectors with specific DOs and DON'Ts
Project 1: Create a Content marketing StrategyThe individual will create a Content led organic campaign to scale Monthly Active Users for F&B sector
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Week 3 - 5
Learning OutcomeYou will understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with its types (On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO) and learn the nuances of App Store Optimization (ASO) along with case studies. You will also get hands-on experience on on tools like: Woorank, Screaming Frog, Yoast etc.
Live Class 1: Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)You will master the fundamentals of SEO, know what it is, and why is it important.
Live Class 2: On-Page, Off-Page and Technical SEO Learn the nuances of ON-Page, OFF-Page and Technical SEO along with tools and techniques
Live Class 3: App Store Optimization (ASO)Become proficient in App Store Optimization techniques
Project 1: SEO for Revenue boostYou will use SEO tools & techniques to drive revenue growth for an Ecommerce company
Social Media and Marketing
Week 5 - 6
Learning OutcomeFrom this class, you will learn how to build and implement social media marketing strategies across different channels (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) You will get a clear understanding of Influencer marketing & social medial listening along with exposure to tools like Buzzsumo, Sprout Social, Buffer etc.
Live Class 1: Social Media Strategy across different platformsBuild and implement social media marketing strategy across different channels ( Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram, Twitter and more)
Live Class 2: Social Media Listening / ORM to improve your Digital MarketingUnderstand how to use social media channels for consumer feedback & proactively act on them
Live Class 3: Incident management project discussionDiscuss different approaches around different projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
Project 1: Alter the brand image by using social media channelsYou will be tasked is to alter the brand image for a startup by using social media channels and to analyze all metrics and KPIs
Paid Marketing
Week 6 - 7
Learning OutcomeYou will learn about the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase top of the funnel and strategies to optimize conversion rates. You will also get to work on tools like: Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads
Live Class 1: Basics about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Master the fundamentals of SEM along with popular tools and techniques of Performance marketing
Live Class 2: The Complete Guide to Google AdsKnow about Google Ads to increase your top of the funnel & strategies to optimize conversion rates
Project 1: Optimizing PPC campaignThe individual will be able to ptimize PPC campaigns for traffic, engagement and conversion for B2C environment
Marketing Analytics, Technology & Automation
Week 7 - 8
Learning OutcomeYou will know how to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness. You will be able to decide and analyze the metrics for web and app analytics. You will also get some hands-on experience with tools like Hubspot, Google Analytics and many more.
Live Class 1: Deep-dive into Market Analytics along with case-studyLearn how to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness
Live Class 2: Know about Web & App AnalyticsUnderstand basic fundamentals and metrics of web analytics and app analytics along with case-study analysis
Project 1: Omnichannel Marketing for a B2B environmentYou will Perform omnichannel marketing and use Google Analytics to optimize it
Customer Journey Analytics
Week 8 - 9
Learning OutcomeYou will get to know step-by-step process of identifying customer's Decision Journey. You will also know the details about the marketing funnel. You will also get a demo on popular tools using interesting case-stuies
Live Class 1: Understand Customer Decision Journey along with Marketing Funnel AnalysisKnow the step-by-step process of identifying your customer's Decision Journey & master the use of a Marketing funnel
Live Class 2: Customer Funnel ManagementYou will deep-dive into e-commerce customer funnel management
Email and Newsletter Marketing
Week 9 - 10
Learning OutcomeFrom this class, you will learn about the goals, types, and role of Email marketing along with some interesting tools (eg- Mail Chimp) & techniques. You will also be able to make strategies to generate high-quality leads and nurture them into paying customers
Live Class 1: Email Marketing, lead generation and lead nurturingLearn the goals, types, and role of Email marketing and strategies to generate high quality leads and nurture them into paying customers
Project 1: Email marketing to generate leadsYou will run an email marketing campaign to generate leads for an ed-tech company
Digital Marketing Measurement
Week 10 - 11
Learning OutcomeFrom this class, you will learn about different marketing Metrics and KPIs along with measurement models and tools. You will also get hands on experience in tools like Hubspot, Google Analytics and many more.
Live Class 1: Understand Digital Marketing Measurement like metrics,KPIs etcLearn about different marketing Metrics and KPIs along with measurement models and tools
Project 1: Digital Marketing Measurement ModelYou will create an end-to-end Digital Marketing Measurement Model for Fintech company
Digital Marketing Strategy
Week 11 - 12
Learning OutcomeYou will learn how to build and implement digital marketing strategies across different platforms. You will also understand how to design and execute digital marketing budgets successfully across different sectors
Live Class 1: Know about Digital Marketing strategyLearn how to create a solid digital marketing strategy & then execute, analyze and enhance it
Live Class 2: How to manage entire Marketing BudgetUnderstand how to design and execute digital marketing budgets successfully across different sectors
Project 1: Omnichannel Marketing to increase brandinterest and reduce CPCYou will create and execute an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to increase brand interest and reduce CPC for FMCG company
Next Gen Digital Marketing Techniques / AI in Marketing
Week 12
Learning OutcomeYou will get to know about next-gen cool techniques like Chatbots, gamification, Artificial Intelligence etc and know how to use them in digital marketing
Live Class 1: Use Chatbots and Gamification in your digital marketing planUnderstand how to design and use Chatbots for marketing & use Gamification principles effectively in your campaigns
Live Class 2: AI & ML: The powerful trends in Digital MarketingKnow how to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Digital Marketing and how it will automate the market
Deep focus on soft skills and interview prep
Week 14 - 16
Learning OutcomeAlong with domain expertise, our experts will guide you through critical skills to make you an all-rounded professional through interactive sessions on
Communicate & Collaborate
Presentation & Story telling, Stakeholder Management & Negotiation tactics
Emotional Well Being
Emotional Intelligence at Work, Handling Stress, Anxiety and Burnout & Emotional Self-care
Think & Solve
Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills
Execution Skills
Project & Time Management, Organisational skills & Social Media presence
Interview Preparation
Resume Prep, Mock Interviews, GD Tips and Strategy

Learn key Digital Marketing tools

Why is AntWak the right choice for you?

Offline Training Institutes
Online Edtech Companies
Powered by Real Professionals from Top Brands
Primarily driven by Academicians
Driven by Academicians or tie-ups with institutes with few industry lecturers
All classes designed & delivered by real professionals suited for each competency
Extensive Live Classes
In-class program with no proper learning tech
Learning mainly self-paced with low interactions
100+ hours of Live, Immersive classes
Deep-focus on holistic development to crack your dream interview
Mostly not available
1-2 sessions of CV prep & mock interviews
20+ hours of support on Soft skills, CV prep & mock interviews
Recognition beyond certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate + Skill based Rating by Senior Professionals - embed into your CV
Best Price for Value
₹75,000 + GST = ₹88,000
₹1,20,000 + GST = ₹1,40,000
74,999 49,999 including GST
Program Fee: 74, 999  ₹49, 999/- including GST
AntWak offers payment options with flexible ZERO interest EMI plans starting at 4,440/- per month

Experience first hand the power of Antwak promise

Get a glimpse of experiential learning from these expert videos

Strategies to guide customers in every stage of buyer's journey
Abhishek GP
Freshworks | Amex | Philips
How to implement web experiments cheaply & quickly using analytics?
Saurabh Goyal
Google | Godrej | Amazon
How should one approach link building?
Deepan Siddhu
Webenza | Neil Patel Digital
How AI-powered content marketing fuels the business growth
Sujay Ray
Mindshare | AbInBev | Star India

Antwak provides holistic career services and support

Career Coach
In-depth help on CV review, Linkedin readiness and interview prep
Experienced Mentors
1-1 mentorship & Live sessions with mentors who have traversed similar journeys
Industry Introductions
Personalized intros & referrals to our community of mentors & hiring partners


Who is this Digital Marketing online course for?
This course is suitable for
1. Recent graduate or final year of college ad wants to start career in digital marketing
2. Early professionals (0-2 yrs experience) who landed up in digital marketing without any formal certification or who wants to get into this field to become a full stack digital marketer
3. Entrepreneurs to understand nitty gritties and grow the customer base by leveraging digital channels
Will I be able to complete this program alongside my full time job?
Yes. The program is designed keeping in mind rigorous schedule of both student and mentors. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends (1 class of 2 hour on Saturday and 2 classes of 2 hour each on Sunday). However, students will be given assignment and pre-reads which they suppose to cover over the weekdays so that they can make most of industry experts time on weekend.
Overall time commitment of 14-16 hours/week will suffice. Also, community events such as AMA, fireside chat and guest speakers will happen in the evenings on a regular basis. You get to pick what you want to attend.
How much will the course cost overall?
The course will cost Rs. 49,999 inclusive of GST.
Is there EMI option available?
Yes, there are 6 month and 9 month EMI options available at zero interest cost.
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16 Weeks
Taught by Industry leaders
100+ hrs of Live classes
Limited seats
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