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Get Ready for a New Job in UX Design

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Meet the Instructors

We have handpicked the best professionals to deliver the UX Design training program

- Kshitiz Anand

Associate Vice President, Design
Paytm | 1mg I Happy Horizons Trust
L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique

- Colleen Paige Bennett

Senior UX Research Manager
Affirm | Dropbox I

- Tarun Tyagi

Sr. Product Design Manager
Dream 11 | Fractal ink Design Studio I Cogoport

- Mustafa Zoher Bagasrawala

UX Research Senior Manager
Infogain | Indigo Consulting | TCS

- Drupad Mistry

Senior Product Experience Architect
Mckinsey & Co | Mindtree I Syncron I Fiserv

- Hitesh Lakhyani

Lead Product Designer
Airtel | PWC | Adobe | Groupon

- Yash Todar

User Experience & Innovation Researcher
Philips I Flavours KTH I Max Life Insurance

- Vidhu Saxena

Associate Creative Director
Deloitte Digital | The Design Village
IIT Delhi

- Dhananjay Garg

Lead Designer
Zinier I | Shopee I Hike

- Pratheep Chandrasekhar

Senior UX Designer
10up | Apt Experience | ExperienceLab

What you will learn in this UX Design course?

UX Design Fundamentals
Week 1 - 2
Learning OutcomeLearn what is UX and how it is different from other design discipines.
Live Class 1: UX Design BasicsGet an overview of the basic fundamentals of UX & understand why UX is important
Live Class 2: Usability Heuristics for UXers1. Introduction to 10 usability heuristics & how they are applied in real-time products 2. Implementing heuristic evaluation using the usability heuristics
Live Class 3: Accessibility in UXFollow & implement accessibility WCAG guidelines while designing UI screens
Live Class 4: Service Design1. Know the difference between Service Design & UX Design2. Creating a service design blueprint
Project 1: Conducting Heuristic Evaluation for a existing product's design1. Conduct Heuristic Evaluation against the 10 heuristic principles2. Learn how these principles are used in real product designs & take inspiration
Design Thinking - Basics & Frameworks
Week 2
Learning Outcome1. Introduction to Design Thinking2. Learn Design Thinking Frameworks: IDEO, Double Diamond method & Google Design Sprints3. How different industries are utilizing design thinking to optimize their process better
Live Class 1: Design Thinking1. Introduction to Design Thinking2. Learn Design Thinking Frameworks: IDEO, Double Diamond method & Google Design Sprints
UX Research
Week 3 - 4
Learning Outcome1. Overview of User Experience Research2. Ethnographic studies: Introduction & tips to execute it3. User Interviews : Why , When & How to conduct?4. UX Surveys: Approach to find & send it to the right participants5. Diary Studies: For understanding the long term user behaviour
Live Class 1: Beginner's Guide to UX Research & Ethnographic Research1. Introduction to UX Research2. Understanding the stages of UX reseacrh3. Conducting ethnographic studies
Live Class 2: Diary Study to understand long-term user behavior1. Preparing & planning the structure of diary study2. Planning on the user tasks & scenarios for the diary study research
Live Class 3: User Interviews : Why , When & How to conduct?1. Participant screening before user interview2. Preparing questionnaire for user interview3. Tips for moderating user interviews
Live Class 4: UX Surveys - A quick guide to get most out of it1. Participant screening before survey2. Preparing the survey questionnaire for user research3. Analyzing user responses after surveys
Project 1: Planning a Diary Study research with the required prerequisitesGet an overview to diary studies & know about its structure, how you can use it know the user problems & aspiration
Project 2: Preparing survey questionnairePreparing a set of survey questionnaire based on a real-time problem statement
UX Design Process
Week 5 - 6
Learning Outcome1.Introduction to UX Design process2. Stages of Design process3. Using Miro(Tool) for moderating Ideation sessions4. UX Deliverables used throughout the design process5. Importance of Storytelling in UX6. Redesigning established products
Live Class 1: UX Design Process1. Introduction to UX Design process2. Learn about different stages in a UX design process
Live Class 2: UX Deliverables1. Creating User Personas & Customer Journey Mapping2. Creating Storyboards, Low fidelity & high fidelity designs
Live Class 3: Importance of Storytelling in UX profession1. Introduction to storytelling2. Tips to incorporate storytelling aspects in your UX Design process
Live Class 4: Redesigning Established Products1. Understanding the key aspects while redesigning an existing product2. Tips for making your redesigned version more intuitive & usable
Project 1: Preparing a user personaPreparing a user persona based on a given problem statement
UX Psychology
Week 6 - 7
Learning Outcome1. Basic psychology principles in UX Design2. Cognitive load3. Having an empathetic mindset4. Understanding user mental models5. Designing user delights6. Designing Habit forming products(HOOK Model)7.Personalization & Gamification in UX
Live Class 1: Understand the impact of Psychology in UX Design1. Understanding about Cognitive load2. Having an empathetic mindset3. Understanding user mental models4. Designing user delights
Live Class 2: Getting Users Hooked: HOOK Model1. Creating Habit forming products using the HOOKED model2. Stages in the HOOK model: Trigger, Action, Variable Reward & Investment
Live Class 3: Personalization & Gamification in UX1. Tips to boost up your user engagement in your product through personalization & gamification2. Gamification: When & How to use it in UX?3. Personalization: Where & how to give personalize recommendations?
Information Architecture
Week 7 - 8
Learning Outcome1. Introduction to Information Architecture2. Conducting card sorting exercises3. Testing out the navigation through reverse card sorting4. Navigation patterns used in mobile & desktops applications5. Creating low fidelity wireframes through Balsamiq
Live Class 1: Information Architecture1. Learn basics of Information Architecture(IA)2. Conducting card sorting exercises to construct an impactful IA3. Testing the product navigation through reverse card sorting
Live Class 2: Wireframing1. Overview of Wireframing, approach to build it out & test it out2. Creating low fidelity wireframes using balsamiq
Live Class 3: Designing for easier navigation1. Importance of navigation in UX Design2. Learn to use navigation patterns differently for mobile & desktop
Project 1: Build the Information Architecture for Dashboard Designs1. Gathering research data from card sorting exercises2. Working on Information heirarchy & prioritization for dashboards
UX Writing
Week 8
Learning Outcome1. Introduction to UX Writing2. Tone of Voice in UX Writing3. UX Writing: Best Practices
Live Class 1: UX Writing1. Introduction to UX Writing2. Tone of Voice in UX Writing3. UX Writing: Best Practices
Visual Design
Week 8 - 10
Learning Outcome1. Visual Design basics: Gsalt principles, creating moodboard, color & typeface selection2. Designing & Prototyping screens for mobile & desktop devices using Figma3. Design Systems: Overview & Tips to create it from scratch
Live Class 1: Introduction to Figma1. Introduction to Figma: How it works2. Figma shortcuts & plugins
Live Class 2: Introduction to Visual Design1. Learn about visual design principles2. Color palate & typeface selection3. Creating a mood board
Live Class 3: Designing for different devices (Mobile Vs Desktop) & Protoyping1. Designing for Mobile Vs Web based applications2. Prototyping the designed UI screens
Live Class 4: Design Systems1. Introduction to Design Systems2. Tips to create a design system from scratch
Project 1: Designing UI screens for mobile & desktop devices, & prototype them based on a given problem statement1. Proficiency in using the Figma tool2. Figuring out the constraints & opportunities while designing for mobile Vs web
Interaction design
Week 10 - 11
Learning Outcome1. Overview of Interaction DesignKnow about Design Patterns: Dark Patterns, Anti Patterns2. Balancing ads & content: Use of Marketing Pop-Ups?3.Including Motion Design in UX4. Creating Usability with Motion5.Understanding the role of sounds in UX 6.Incorporating sound for better UX
Live Class 1: Fundamentals of Interaction DesignLearn the basics of Interaction Design
Live Class 2: Motion Design1. Getting introduced to Adobe after effects: Know how to use it for leveraging microinteractions in designs2. Incorporate motion in your design to enhance its usability
Live Class 3: Sound DesignIncorporate sounds in your UI Design to boost up its interactivity
Project 1: Incorporate micro-interactions to the UI screens based on a given problem statementIncorporate delightful interactions to your visual screens to enhance the usability
Testing your Design
Week 11 - 12
Learning Outcome1.Overview of Usability Testing2.User Recruitment for Usability Testing3.Usability Testing: Moderating the session4.After Usability Testing: Analysis & Reporting5.Know about A/B Testing & Multivariant Testing6.Importance of data & Metrics in UX7.Measure right things to build an impactful UX
Live Class 1: All about Usability Testing1. Preparing before usability testing: participant screening & having a list of tasks & questions2. Tips to moderate usability testing sessions3. Analysis & Reporting the gathered data post-usability testing sessions
Live Class 2: Data-Driven Design & Basics of types of testing post product launch1. Importance of data & metrics to create improve the current UX2. Conducting A/B Test & Multivariant Test
Project 1: Conducting a usability testing with peers for particular user segments1. Proficiency with the tool - UserTesting.com2. Learn how to perform remote usability test
Next Gen UX Design
Week 12 - 13
Learning Outcome1. UX Trends2. Impact of Industry 4.0 Tech on UX (AI, IoT, Chatbots)3. Designing for AR & VR products
Live Class 1: UX Design TrendsGet to know about the trends that UXers needs to know to excel their knowledge
Live Class 2: Impact of Industry 4.0 Tech on UXKnow the impact of the new technologies (AI, ML, IoT) on UX, & how these can be utilized to improve the UX
Product sense for UXers
Week 13
Learning Outcome1. Introduction to Product Life Cycle2. Stages of Product Life Cycle3. Fundamentals of MVP4. Building an MVP & Measuring success of MVP
Live Class 1: Product lifecycle & MVP1. Introduction to Product Life Cycle2. Stages of Product Life Cycle3. Fundamentals of MVP4. Building an MVP & Measuring success of MVP
Product Strategy
Week 13
Learning Outcome1. Getting started with UX strategy2.UX Strategy: Approach & frameworks3.Getting Buy In for utilizing UX Strategy4. Implementing Product Strategy5. Foundation to Product Strategy
Live Class 1: Product & UX Strategy 1. Getting started with UX strategy2.UX Strategy: Approach & frameworks3.Getting Buy In for utilizing UX Strategy4. Implementing Product Strategy5. Foundation to Product Strategy
Deep focus on soft skills and interview prep
Week 14 - 16
Learning OutcomeAlong with domain expertise, our experts will guide you through critical skills to make you an all-rounded professional through interactive sessions on
Communicate & Collaborate
Presentation & Story telling, Stakeholder Management & Negotiation tactics
Emotional Well Being
Emotional Intelligence at Work, Handling Stress, Anxiety and Burnout & Emotional Self-care
Think & Solve
Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills
Execution Skills
Project & Time Management, Organisational skills & Social Media presence
Interview Preparation
Resume Prep, Mock Interviews, GD Tips and Strategy

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Why is AntWak the right choice for you?

Offline Training Institutes
Online Edtech Companies
Powered by Real Professionals from Top Brands
Primarily driven by Academicians
Driven by Academicians or tie-ups with institutes with few industry lecturers
All classes designed & delivered by real professionals suited for each competency
Extensive Live Classes
In-class program with no proper learning tech
Learning mainly self-paced with low interactions
100+ hours of Live, Immersive classes
Deep-focus on holistic development to crack your dream interview
Mostly not available
1-2 sessions of CV prep & mock interviews
20+ hours of support on Soft skills, CV prep & mock interviews
Recognition beyond certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate
Program level certificate + Skill based Rating by Senior Professionals - embed into your CV
Best Price for Value
₹75,000 + GST = ₹88,000
₹1,20,000 + GST = ₹1,40,000
99,999 69,999 including GST
Program Fee: 99,999  ₹69, 999/- including GST
AntWak offers payment options with flexible ZERO interest EMI plans starting at 6,200/- per month

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Get a glimpse of experiential learning from these expert videos

How is design thinking distinct from design?
Vishal Juneja
Amazon | Globant
How to build a UX copy in an emotionally engaging manner?
Nivedita Chandra
Deutsche Bank | VMware
Why is it important to have good soft skills & core skills for taking interviews?
Pratap Gadgil
MakeMyTrip | Prodigy Math Game
Why schedule interviews & invest time in the presence of other options?
Kausalya Priya

Antwak provides holistic career services and support

Career Coach
In-depth help on CV review, Linkedin readiness and interview prep
Experienced Mentors
1-1 mentorship & Live sessions with mentors who have traversed similar journeys
Industry Introductions
Personalized intros & referrals to our community of mentors & hiring partners


Who is this User Experience online course for?
This course is suitable for
1. You are a recent graduate or just about finishing college and looking for a UX design career
2. You have some accidental experience in UX and now wish to become a full-fledged UXer
3. You are working in graphic design, copy writing or psychology and looking to transition into User Experience and looking to career transition into User Experience
4. As an entreprenuer, web developer or Product Manager, you want to understand the nuance of user experience design process to make a great product
Will I be able to complete this program alongside my full time job?
Yes. The program is designed keeping in mind rigorous schedule of both student and mentors. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends (1 class of 2 hour on Saturday and 2 classes of 2 hour each on Sunday). However, students will be given assignment and pre-reads which they suppose to cover over the weekdays so that they can make most of industry experts time on weekend.
Overall time commitment of 14-16 hours/week will suffice. Also, community events such as AMA, fireside chat and guest speakers will happen in the evenings on a regular basis. You get to pick what you want to attend.
How much will the course cost overall?
The course will cost Rs. 69,999 inclusive of GST.
Is there EMI option available?
Yes, there are 6 month and 9 month EMI options available at zero interest cost.
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16 Weeks
Taught by Industry leaders
100+ hrs of Live classes
Limited seats
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